The Lake Maggiore is one of the larger lakes in Italy. The northern part of the lake is situated in the Alps, the southern part is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Piemonte. During its existence, the area has been occupied by an array of civilisations like Celts, Romans, Barbarians and later on by the influential families like Visconti , Sforza and Borromeo.

Today it offers a rare and beautiful heritage, rich with history, art and culture. You will find testimony of this everywhere you look; you will find castles, country houses and gardens, churches, sanctuaries and historical city centres.

You must see....

Rocca di Angera:


A typical example of medieval fortifications that has been beautifully restored. Today part of the castle hosts the Dolls’ Museum, with the most significant collection in Europe. Many tourists visit the castle, where they will have a charming insight in history and traditions of the area.

Isole Borromeo – Isola bella

The Borromeo family started the construction of the baroque palace with the world famous gardens in 1670. Many works of art are on display inside the palace, that offers visitors a majestic, noble and lavish experience.
It is charming to take a stroll through the Italian style gardens, towards the terraces where you will find secular and exotic plants that will bloom from March until October.

Isola Madre
This is the largest Borromean Island and it offers you a beautiful botanical garden with where peacocks and parrots roam freely. The garden is especially famous for the azaleas, rododendri and camellias, typical plants for this area, in full bloom.
Unique to the palazzo is its valuable collection of puppets and marionettes, scenery and drawings once used in theatrical productions put on to entertain the family and their guests.

San Carlo Borromeo:

More commonly known as Sancarlone, this statue with its 35.1m is the second highest statue in the world. You can climb the internal stairs all the way to the top where you can admire the stupendous landscape of the lake through Sancarlone’s eyes.

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These and many more other attractions are to be visited!!!